Volunteer Screening

The Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is committed to creating and maintaining a sport environment in which all participants are provided protection against known child abusers or people with serious criminal records. Implementation of the following policy will minimize liability for our WYSA Volunteers at all levels of Soccer.

In keeping with this policy, WYSA requires that all team officials, listed on an official gamesheet and/or team roster, on any team participating in the programs of the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association, must be Child Abuse Registry cleared, hereinafter referred to as "SCAR cleared" and Criminal Record Search Certificate cleared, hereinafter referred to as "SCPIC cleared".

Team Official are considered to be any coach, assistant coach, manager, physiotherapist, trainer, etc on a team roster and/or involved with players in a training/coaching capicity.

When a team official registers within WYSA's programs for the first time within a District, they must adhere to the requirements of the Volunteer Screening Policy. Each subsequent season, the team official must sign a waiver that states status in regards to the Volunteer Screening Policy has not changed.

Team officials that will be traveling with teams to out of town tournaments and/or CSA competitions must adhere to the volunteer screening policies implemented by the MSA and/or the CSA.

All team officials listed on a team roster must be CAR & CPIC cleared, or have signed their waiver, prior to the starting date of the Indoor/Outdoor Season.

District Associations will be responsible to oversee that this policy is adhered to.

District Association's will create an appeals committee consisting of three people, to deal with any appeals arising from CAR & CPIC issues. All Appeal hearings must be held in absolute strict confidence. The appellant is responsible for providing any documentation or police presence needed to explain why his/her past record/behavior should be a non-issue in determining their ability to continue to participate in the sport.

There will also be a final right of appeal to the WYSA Appeals Committee.

All District Associations are encouraged to establish appropriate procedures for implementing the Policies described above. This policy will be reasonably applied in due consideration of the applicable circumstances. WYSA strongly recommends that its district members adopt a similar policy, unless they already have a similar policy in place. As a minimum, each District will be required to establish an Appeals process for those individuals who are not CAR & CPIC cleared, but who wish to contest their status.

All enquiries may be directed to the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association.

Last updated:Aug 10, 2010

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