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Congratulations to the U14G, U16G, U18G FC Northwest teams, U14B Bonivital SC, U16 Winnipeg Phoenix FC, and U18B Winnipeg South End United SC teams who won the 2015 MSA Cup! The respective teams will represent Manitoba at the National Club Championships in Newfoundland (U14s), British Columbia (U16s), and Prince Edward Island (U18s)!

To find out more about the final results for the MSA Cup, please click here.

To find out more about the Sport Chek National Club Championships, please click here.


Please click here to read the 2015 August edition of WYSA's AFTER 90' REPORT.


Summer is nearly over and with it goes another outdoor soccer season. Things are busy at WYSA as the league prepares for September Cambrian Challenge Cup playoffs in many of its divisions and gets the ball rolling on a brand new 3 v 3 tournament at the end of August.

The last few years has been a time of change for youth soccer in Winnipeg. We've moved the younger age groups to smaller sized game with fewer players on smaller pitches. This encourages all players to get more touches on the ball and more time on the field. The focus is entirely on player development and enjoying the game, which is where it should be. Over time, we expect to see players raised in this new environment to display greater skills and abilities. 

The improvement won't come just from players individually though. It has to come through our coaches. One of the goals we should all have for the game is to have the best possible coaches on our benches. Our players deserve coaches who have taken the time to learn and improve their skills through certification programs. Parents, players, community centres and clubs should expect that from coaches. Fortunately, our premier clubs have been doing a good job over the past few years of training more and more coaches to serve all levels of the game. 

Here are a few other changes that are in the works at WYSA:

- We launched a player subsidy program in 2015 and pledged proceeds from our big summer Boston Pizza Players Tournament towards that program. Our goal is to see that program grow in the years ahead so we can help more kids play soccer in Winnipeg.

- We are taking concrete steps to broaden our revenue streams at WYSA so we're not solely dependent on player fees. To that end, we have signed or re-signed a number of corporate sponsorships - Boston Pizza, Cambrian Credit Union and CM Engrave - this year that will have a positive impact on our bottom line. 

- New events such as the 3 v 3 tournament will also serve to add new revenues to the organization while also creating new opportunities for our youth to play the game in fun and dynamic ways. 

- And we're in the midst of a major governance review which should help simplify and streamline our constitution while providing us a stronger foundation on which to grow the game in years to come.

A long time leader in our sport recently told me that WYSA is more stable and well administered now than it has been in many years. I agree, though there is much work to do. Still, it's worth celebrating milestones and I'd like to thank our board and office staff for all the hard work they've put in to bring about these positive changes. 

We need more people like them helping grow the game. If you want soccer to be better in Winnipeg, then get out and volunteer. Be a coach, manager or convenor. Be a ref. Serve on a board. Do something to make the game better. Let's not settle for mediocrity here. Let's strive to have the best youth soccer league in the country. It's our collective responsibility to demand more of our league, our clubs and our community centres, but it's also our individual responsibility to pitch in and help.


Yours in soccer,

Adam Dooley

WYSA President


As the WYSA 2015 Outdoor Season continues, please be reminded of a few important dates:

Thursday, August 20 - Deadline for roster changes - no changes will be permitted after this date.

Monday, August 31 - Pooled teams must declare a minimum of 12 players to their Premier 1 team roster by this date.

Monday, August 31 - Cambrian Challenge Cup (playoffs) begin for WYSA Recreational teams. Finals will be held September 26 at John Blumberg Sportsplex.

Tuesday, September 8 - Cambrian Challenge Cup (playoffs) begin for WYSA Premier teams. Finals will be held September 19 & 20 at the Waverley Soccer Complex.

Saturday, September 12 - WYSA U9-U12 Developmental League Jamboree at Grant Park Fields.


Tonight is the last night to register for the WYSA 3v3 Tournament taking place August 29-30th at Assiniboine Park! For more information on the tournament and to register your team, please visit

Register today before it's too late!


Vancouver Whitecaps FC and the Manitoba Soccer Association are pleased to be announcing their first Player Identification Camp in Manitoba. Players will have an opportunity to train and showcase their talent in front of Whitecaps FC Academy Director and Pre-Residency Head Coach Bart Choufour. Click here for more info regarding dates, locations and registration!

WYSA 2015-2016 Indoor Season

As we enter the home stretch of the 2015 Outdoor Season, WYSA and its Clubs are now preparing for the 2015 Indoor Season. Registration typically takes place between the middle of August to the middle of September - Contact your district club or community centre to find out the exact dates. Not sure which club or community centre you belong to? Click here to find out!

The WYSA 2015 indoor season will kick-off on October 16 with the finals being played on March 20, 2016. Registration for the Golden Boy Tournament will begin in the third week of November with the Tournament taking place February 10-15, 2016.

If you have any other questions, please contact us or your local club!

WYSA Board of Directors Nominations

Are you interested in helping shape the way the sport of soccer is delivered here in Winnipeg!? If so, consider becoming a Board Member of the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association! Elections are held in October at our Annual General Meeting and are for a term of two years. If you are interested, please contact Carlo Bruneau, WYSA Executive Director, by clicking here.



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The referee hasn't shown up, what happens now?

While every effort is made to have a referee for each match, at times there are unforeseen circumstances that result in no referee. WYSA does not assign referees for matches. The responsibility for Referee assigning is managed by the home team’s District Club. If the referee fails to appear for a game or is unable to officiate due to illness or injury, then a qualified referee on site may replace them. Failing that, the teams are responsible to agree on an alternate to officiate. Both team coaches are responsible to come to a decision so that the game will be played.


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